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syariah laws under global scrutiny

yesterday(sunday) i read the new sunday times. n as i slow read the news, 1 particular topic really caught my attention. no, it is not about 1malaysia, it is not about tiger woods sex addiction, nor it is about man utd losing n chelsea winning. it is about the syariah laws.
on feb 9, 3 women were caned for engaging in illicit sex. the moment it reached the ear canals of global community, it quickly raked up international commnts, with several foreign media, including The Wall Street Journal, BBC World, and CNN Online also writing articles on this issue. these r a few comments on those articles, n also commnts from Twitter and Facebook:

''this is what hppens whn u mix theocracy with law, u get barbaric intolerance. how pathetic.''

''so, intelligent educated muslim condone this activity?just wondering''

''1st, caning for drinking beer and now for having sex!next, caning for girls speaking to guys!!only in malaysia!!geez!!

''i like the punishment. this issue should have been addressed a long time ago. and caning is more appropriate than a fine or prison sentence.''

''any kind of caning is barbaric. spare the rod and love ur women, Malaysia.''

so, what do u think?well, u be the judge, but here's my opinion. although most of us are most likely aware of this, let me just make it crystal clear that the objective of syariah laws are not to inflict pain. New Straits Times, 27 June 2005 reported that the pain of syariah caning is in the shame. here, we can conclude that the syariah laws is to reinstall the Islamic values back into the heart of the convicted and to the community.

here's an example. the case of the 3 women charged bcause of illicit sex, one of them was quoted saying that “I know I have sinned, and I have to be punished. Strangely however, I felt that the caning was not a form of punishment but was an opportunity for me to repent and return to the right path,”

another woman, aged 25, said she was scared before the caning but knew she deserved the punishment. All three women called on others not to make the same mistake and abstain from sex before marriage.

another example is the kartika case, where she said that the punishment was a sign of repentace for her and she solemnly accepts the punishment.

the 2 examples here clearly underline the intention of the syariah is to reinstate the good values into the community, and it crtainly did in these 2 cases. all 4 women accepted the sentences n said that it was a chance 2 return 2 the righteous, objective achieved.
syariah laws is not there 2 punish, in fact it is 2 prevent. it is reported that in the case of kartika, kartika herself requested the caning process to be held in public, so that people can take the moral of the story and so that people would not indulge themselves in sinful acts such as drinking beer.

and based on what i read on the news paper, there was also an article that quoted what former Mufti of Perlis, Dr Asri Zainul Abidin said. he said that the public should be educated more on Islamic values n the syariah law framework that emphasised on education rather than punishment. so, we can conclude that educating the public on syariah law is as important sa carrying them out. it is to avoid any negative perspective towards the syariah law itself. as we speak, there r several videos availabble in youtube that shows how a proper syariah caning is carried out. n the request of kartika to carry out her caning process in the public is also seen as a step 2 expose the real syariah caning not only 2 the community in our country, but also 2 the community throughout the world, who has been misled on the issues of the syariah caning.

and if the western community thinks syariah law is loads of nuisance, theirs is not much of a difference anyway. a lifestyle that promotes free sex, pre-marital sex, alcohol-driven life, lack of morale ethics, just to name a few. one of the big names that succumbed 2 the so-called great, freedom-based life of the westerns is none other than the great golfer tiger woods. it was like every porn-star in the usa was lining up 2 expose their affairs with woods, much to himself and his wife's agony. this is just a proof that their world is crumbling bcause of their way of life, and if we are not being careful with our own, we might as well be following their harmful path.
this is where i think the syariah law comes in. a law that not only will curb this horrendous route of living, it will also shape up the community into a much more living-friendly environment.

i also read pancaindera pullout from mingguan malaysia, where at the centrespread, there was a topic that is quite interesting.finally, something useful inside pancaindera apart from poorly-dressed artists n useless gossips. it was about a forum at KB Mall in kota bharu on the topic ''artis jd ikon''.wardina, one of the panels, said that during her career as an artist long ago, her life was very much alike to Britney Spears. and she said that today, most artists lead a life that is typical western, enjoying the night at nightclubs, consuming alcohol, drugs, n most of them do not perform the solat n skipped the ramadan fasting. you see, these r the effects of living in a life using the wests as the role model. n 1 way 2 counter these problems that r arising in such an alarming rate is by implementing the syariah law. back 2 the quran and the end of the day, wardina simply said that ''artis jd ikon?tak payah!tak payah! tak payah!''

so, 2 conclude it all, everything needs a start and the start of the syariah law has long been overdued. why should we listen 2 the voices of the western countries, when their own morale status is located at the lowest point of a bottomless pit?n 2 respond 2 the comments that we should spare the rod and love our women, it is bcause we love our women that we think we should use the syariah law. it will prevent any sort of morale meltdown amongst and and women, thus protecting them from harm. it is always said that in free socialising that leads 2 free sex and premarital sex, women is always seen as the victim, the easy prey.

with the implementation of syariah law, we protect the women as it will keep a distance between men, women and maksiat.
me myself, i'm not a great man myself, indeed i am a man of mistakes. but this is my part 2 make the future world a better pace 2 live for us muslims. so if i'm wrong, correct me, n let us take the current situation into beckoning n start taking actions.



MiztER MURTphalanx! said...

Certainly our country Malaysia somehow making it self depending on the west while Tun Dr Mahathir himself during his reign of leading the country propose to look to the East... Weird though..?

Why not? Our leaders are very well Western educated... Once you learned there(west), with a weak based islamic education youre going down scrambled with their lifestyle and culture!

Sebelum meleter pasal Malaysia, tengok ke Mesir dahulu... Bagaimana Mesir mengasimilasi budaya barat hatta dlm politik hingga memebawa kepada pengharaman Ikhwanul Muslimin.

ANak murid insan hebat Syeikh Muhammad Abduh antaranye Qasim Amin, dan Taha Hussein yg menyabung pelajaran ke Barat akhirnye gelincir dalam "kebebasan" Barat! Ketahuilah Taha Husein adalah antara yg mengetengahkan konsep Islam Liberal! Hina nye beliau.. Memalukan Syeikh M Abduh...

Itu murid Syeikh M Abduh, bagaimana dgn kita atau pemimpin kita yg sememangnye kekurangan tarbuyah islamiyah dalam diri...

Sebab itu saya utarakan perenggan pertama, Kita lemas dalam kata2 pihak barat walau kita mengamalkan dasar pandang ke Timur. Barat pendokong agenda Freemason sememangnye akan menyebarkan sebanyak mungkin fitnah kepada ISLAM.. Hadapi nye wahai Malaysia, kerana itu adalah dugaan dalam dakwah...

MiztER MURTphalanx! said...

Pandangan berbeza...

Persoalannye, Kartika da diRotan..?

Belum kan.. Itu la die, masa Kartika punye kes sibuk heboh sini sana itu sesuatu yg KEJAM la, SIS mula bersuara lantang... Gov sibuk offer the BEST lawyer... Macam2...

Sekarang? Wow, everything when so smooth.. sedangkan mase Kartika sorg je, nie da 3 org.. weird? x yah pelik itu lah hakikat politik Malaysia...

Bukan depa xtaw yg hukuman syariah itu sekadar memberi pengajaran, sedangkan Kelantan dok propose bertahun-tahun dah.. Setiap tahun Kelantan kempen pasal Syariah. Ha? skarang nie wt2 terkejut lak... Ngarut3x!!!!

Remember the news papers you read are control by our so called democratic government!

Good to know about the syariah law are going to be implemented slowly, yet really hope that it is an intention that comes from a sincere heart. Moga2 ini bukan satu agenda politik... (Murt menyangka baik).

Anonymous said...

kamal....i love u

harith said...

dony make an artist an idol.
like Faizal Tahir.
Yuna is my gf for your information.


P@QQ@R says...Haha!!! said...

hell yeah, jag.. hahhaa~ yuna urs.... hahaha~

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