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At-10-tion to ALL 5 J.Naim (2009)

salam...minta maaf la kepada yg lain...
jangan jeles ek... k la.. nak bgtau skit... pasal kite punyer jamuan kelas... Top dah pown inform kat semua org kn ? Semua dah tahu kn ? Pasal Rm5 tuh gak... bwak tau.. nak beli hadiah utk Ustazah Kadijah... ade ckgu yg lain datang sbb Ustazah jemput... so korang dtg ok !! Sbb ak tgk makanan dier kat internet pown dah lapo nh..hahah... sblah nih ade peta utk korang pegi kt sane... korang klik jer... nnt dier jd besar.. haha... ak dgr kate ade org pegi slim world .. btol ke ? wawawa... just wait and see....

more info part 1
more info part 2

sumber dari website lain :

He lived somewhere near there and being a part time chef himself, (he makes delish cupcakes, mind you :) ), I am sure he would at least be wondering where it is.
I have searched the net for some map or something and the map is just simply not there. WTF .
Honest, me and team got lost for almost an hour the other day. I asked one kakak in one kedai like less then 200 metres from that restaurant and least that she heard of that place ! God!
So, in finding this place, please at all time, remind yourself that it is very much located in some road with a poor, in fact almost zero road signage of the place. Infact, dont expect any pun.  And, please expect to get lost also. Ha haha. But if you managed to find the road that lead to KG SUNGAI PENCHALA, then you are okay and almost there.
But anyway, its way passed IKEA, straight on heading towards Kampung Sungai Penchala. There will be some traffic light but when you found ‘the’ Kampung Sungai Penchala, it will lead you to this T-junction with a yellow masjid right in front of the traffic light. Turn LEFT.
You will come to one under heavy construction road. Jangan tertipu tipah.. Redah jer jalan tuh.
Less then 500 metres from that lousy road, on the left, under some shades of tree.. you will find the place – BORA ASMARA it is…
Food is not too bad. Not super duper nice but reasonably nice.  I had chicken chop the other day and it was not too bad.
People are friendly, but they say come at night – you will feel the ‘real’ adventure.


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