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Dear phalanx, Reporting 4rom IIUM.. writing, me Murtadha representing the debaters PROUDLY saying that we're representing the school and mostly the most deepest major PART of our HEART we're coming here REPRESENTING PHALANX.. MAKING THE LEGEND!!!!

Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Feeling that we the debaters made a big mistake 4 todays round.. we need to face 4 ROUNDS today and ofcoz it is horribly exhausting.. The debaters (Kamal, Murtadha.....) did'nt make it till the maximum LIMIT of our ability,thus leading the debaters team to a total shame! bkn pe,but actually kiteorg rse cm everything were there in our hands yet we failed to PUNCH to the BEST place.. Ntahla.. agak menyesal gk uh biler kiteorg nak bla lpas final round of todays match ..
Nak diikutkan bknnye kiteorg de lwn SBP2 besar dlm arena debate nie pn.. well,actually we never were against SBP.. All of our match were against MRSM and some of it was with SMK bese..


  1. SEPINTAR vs MRSM Pontian LOST
  2. MRSM Pendang vs SEPINTAR WIN
  3. SEPINTAR vs St.George LOST
  4. Sepintar vs SMK (L) Methodist WIN
  6. SEPINTAR vs SMK Seri Cahaya (blom taw lg)

ehm,when our names are on the left of the list means were the GOV oppositely were the OPPO.. So,that was the school that were debating with.. Ehm, U guys doa2kan la utk our team.. the first Line debating 4 HKSBP insyaALLAH (Murt,Kamal and Lina) Sumer batch kite.. Doakan kiteorg..We really setting some goals 4 this years HKSBP.. B'coz first and for MOST we have Lina in the team.. THE MASTER OF DEBATE.!

Well,maybe that's all.. Nothing much to share.. oh,yeah.. Bout IIUM, it's GREAT.. Best sgt.. the environment.. Meaning that like from our mahallah(bilik) going to the campus which where the debates rooms are.. We need to take bus! It's like U'r having an experienced of living as an Universities students... The rooms were to me FANTASTIC..

Keyh,that's all... Salam..

P/S: Sory,too much CRAPING.. ~Mr.MURTphalanx~


khalil - ex-sepintarianz06 said...

gud luck 4 ur guys..hope bley menang t..
psl pkai bus dlm kmpus 2 act biase lar..
its a very huge place..
nk jalan kaki?huhu penat 2..

harishah halim said...

korang lwn majuscop ke? :P

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