PhalanxoflegendZ Ver 4.5

salam alaik..
isk9...alhamdulillah slmat smpai..huhu..em.. da plan cti nh?? study!!
mantopkan chem uh!!hahahaha...em..
ak nk cer smtin uh...smlm loker ak abes kopak!! haha..
kunci loker ilang!!sakit ati gle!!!da ar pnat blik prep!!
sket ati lk coz smtin hapen tyme nk dkt blik prep..huaarrgghh..
uh...sket gler ati n tgn!! da ar xda cutter!!(wey..xco..beli ar cutter!)
em...snanye..yg lg sket ati nye..tyme nk msk tito..(dlm kol 2 pg kot..) ak tgk dlm bntal...nk taw ak jmpe pe??wawawawa...isk3...AK JMPE KUNCI LOKER!!!!
Tp..sbab xnk pk tros tito!! skang nh ak tgh dihantui ase cuak + worry..coz loker xbkunci..
t mak cik cleaner curi brg ak g..isk99...haha..k ar..
sory mgarot!!hahaahaa...njoy ur oliday!!da~..


Hasanah said...

didoakan smoga adik2 trus succes
Spm straight A's insyhaAllah
p/s: nie blog hasil perkongsian bersama ahli2 batch ke?

Anonymous said...

insya-Allah straight A1 sume spm...
yup..nih sume kiteorg kongsi same2..

Anonymous said...


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